Why I Paint

When I was a kid I painted to escape, to be the master of a world I created.  Tropical islands surrounded by dazzling white sand, palm trees and turquoise blue waters were often featured in my prolific flow of artworks. Anything from nature of breath taking beauty, I loved to paint. I still love nature as my subject, I’m just not trying to escape into another world now.

Painting is a great love of mine but my aim is not just to please myself. I hope anyone who views my work feels calmer and more peaceful for having done so. Pause and take a deep breath. Let the scene relax you. Nature is a healer. Just looking at something from nature brings my shoulders down and my face relaxes. Forget about your to do list. It will still be there when you come back to it. Enjoy this right now, just for a moment. My paintings are to remind you to breath, to let go, to smile and feel peace within.

A meditation in paint has become my goal.

Firefly Field


I grew up on a farm in New Hampshire, surrounded by rolling fields. I  loved wandering around  picking bouquets of wildflowers and exploring. At dusk, as the sky turned a pale pink, the fireflies would begin to flicker above the mist  that lay over the field like a blanket. There were so many sparkling flashes of light dancing around. These little bugs, that I wasn’t even aware of during the day, lit up the evening.   It was a magical scene that I never tired of watching.

Its just this feeling of magic or amazement at nature that I want to capture in my paintings and prints. There is so much that is beautiful here in Maine, its hard not to see paintings everywhere.

Here is my new logo . what do you think?

Sunflower Painting

Hot off the easel is my latest painting of sunflowers and fluttering butterflies. Aaaaah summer! Makes me want to jump into the painting and be there.

I was inspired by a Carl Larsson sketch of a girl among flowers. Such a simple drawing but really lovely. I began by playing with ideas. Big as life  sunflowers and cosmos filled the paper.  The painting sketch that I ended up falling in love with actually has two parts. There is another canvas (not shown) of my daughter in among the flowers.

I took a few shots while I painted so you could watch the painting progress.

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